Founded in 2018, our philosophy was formed by Industry-Leading Nutrition Experts. With their guidance and recommendations as the basis for our recipes, we designed delicious shakes that nurture both your body and your taste buds!


Just as we took an unique approach to our formulas to Protein Shakes and our other Health Drinks, we took a medically-informed approach to our Supplement offering. Our Supplements prioritize safety and efficacy, and represent the best in class of the industry today.


True Nutrition Bar does not stop there – when you’re looking for lasting and sustainable change, look to True Nutrition Bar RX.


True Nutrition Bar RX takes an innovative approach to weight management, emphasizing body composition over simple scale weight. Your personal physique and long-term health are at the center of our concern. We combine medical, nutritional, and exercise science to help patients make lasting changes re-sculpting their bodies.


Stop by True Nutrition Bar today and don’t be shy to ask them a fitness question or two – our team is specifically picked and trained for athletic and nutritional expertise.